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In the age of the Internet and technology, subcultures have been killed slowly. In the midst of the biggest cultural shift of our lifetime, it has led our consciousnesses to be unable to differenciate a simulation from a reality especially in our advanced postmodern societies. Individuals now see the world through a perfected, polished, conformed and photoshopped filter leading to the need and desire to be the same. Sameness is bringing us gradually towards homogenisation of culture. Does that make us uncomfortable? 

Adama(M): White jacket. Domenico del Gais See-through jacket. Domenico del Gais Socks. Zara Sunglasses. Gentle Monster Sandals. Stonefly

Dany(F): Top. Alberto Zambelli Pants. Alberto Zambelli Sunglasses. Gentle Monster 

Dany(F): Jacket. Christopher Raxxy Pants. Christopher Raxxy Shoes. Ugg 

Adama(M): Polo shirt. Piacenza 1733 Sweater. T/Sehne Pants. Simon Cracker Bag. Gavazzeni Sandals. Marsèll 

Dany(F): Top. Mukzin Corset. Absidem Pants. Marine Henrion Shoes. Anja Zecevic Sandals. Marsèlll

Adama(M): Sweater. Filippo De Laurentiis Pants. Domenico Del Gais Jacket. T/Sehne Shoes. Anja Zecevic 

Adama (M): Jumpsuit with hood. Domenico del Gais Jacket. Melisa Minca Sunglasses. Gentle Monster x Sankuanz Socks. Red Sandals. Marsèll Dany(F): Dress. Mukzin Sunglasses. Gentle Monster x Marine Serre Sandals. Marsèll 

Adama(M): Jacket with hood. Domenico del Gais Socks. Red Sneakers. Panchic 

Dany(F): Dress. Davii Tights. Tasha Goodhew 

Adama(M): Jacket. T/Sehne Pants. Domenico Del Gais Sandals. Marsèlll

Dany(F): Shirt. Alessandro Gherardi Pants. Francesca Cottone Dress. Saint Fleur Shoes. Steve Madden 

Adama(M): Jumpsuit with hood. Domenico del Gais White jacket. Domenico del Gais

Dany(F): Top. Saverio Palatella. Jacket and skirt. Youwei 

Photographer: Francesco Bozzo (@francesco.bozzo)

Fashion stylist: Eleonora Maltese (@elemaltese)

MUAH: Evelyn Rosa Medina Mendoza (@evelola)

Photographer assistant: Paulo Barbesti (@itspolagain)

Fashion stylist assistant: Violeta Marco (@violetamarco)

MUAH assistant: Shirley Moleros (@munaywarmi)