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A photographic essay on absorbing TIME. Acknowledging the presence of the NATURAL ELEMENTS. The elements of WATER, WIND, FIRE, LAND or EARTH & how they act instrumental to our wellbeing, unfolding in our daily consequence. 

The beauty & the simplicity of their manifestation, was photographed between the Cretan mountains and the Lybian sea. In Crete, Greece.

The photographies are feelings, glimpses into the deeply rooted Cretan slow living philosophy. “Sigá-Sigá-σιγά-σιγά”, (Slowly-Slowly). A lifestyle in a continuous vibrating energy of privileging the kind slowness.

It is everyday life.

I believe that more than ever there is a need for a more protected and sheltered space for our emotions that too often stealthily unleash and trigger our mental health and mental hygiene.

With patience and humbleness we shall reconnect to our souls, and the beauty of what surrounds us.

In a fast pace, we slow down to the rudimental act of observing. The elements “just are”. They are in communion together creatively and beautifully.

by Black Magic Tea

About Black Magic Tea:

whose real name is Daniel Godinho Fragoso, is a photographer and artist based in Luxembourg however with Portuguese rooted origins. He has been spending his last years travelling between the Cretan Mountains and the south-west dunes of Portugal storytelling and honouring Life, as he feels it. (clay vessels) (wire sculptures “the observator”)