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XIVI clothing line

1. What inspired you to start the brand and design your first collection?

I always knew I wanted to run and own a business but over the years the concept has changed and grown along with my personal and professional growth.

In 2020 when I created XIVI the world was in a pandemic. It was the perfect time to reflect and recreate. I wanted to tailor the company to our needs during this shift. I created a collection that gave people the comfort they needed to work from home, look professional and feel a sense of comfort through what was a hard time for many. My dad was also a huge inspiration to the concept behind the clothes. He always shops for comfort, while my mom is always trying to push him to look better. XIVI prioritizes sustainability and versatility while combining luxury and comfort so you can look your best and ‘Wear Whatever’s Comfortable’. To the core, the brand believes when you feel good, you look better.

2. What is your brand’s mission?

We prioritize sustainability, comfort and versatility for everyone. XIVI is made so you can feel the leisure in any setting. It is hyperfunctional so you can dress for anything from the gym, to the office and even out to dinner.

3. What makes your brand sustainable?

All of XIVI’s clothing is crafted with a Eucalyptus Cotton blend making everything sustainable, naturally antibacterial, odor resistant, temperature regulating, extremely soft and has so many more amazing benefits. We used Eucalyptus because it is more sustainable than other natural fibers. Bamboo uses too many chemicals to break down the material and even cotton uses 99.5% more water than Eucalyptus. To help give back to the environment, XIVI plants one tree for every online order. As a brand we try to promote living a more sustainable lifestyle and that starts by first setting the example ourselves.

4. Who would you consider to be your key customer(s)?

As someone who always struggled to fit in I wanted to create a brand that opens its arms to anyone. We’re an inclusive brand, meaning that our clothes are gender fluid. We try to incorporate the gender fluidity of the brand on our social platforms. While our fit is created using the male body type, our clothes are loved by all.

5. What’s the experience you want customers to gain when they shop at your brand?

When customers shop at XIVI, we want them to feel like they found the brand that allows them to feel good in how they are expected to dress (in all settings).

Before the pandemic, the work space demanded structured silhouettes, which people like myself, found incredibly uncomfortable. Our designs want to break from the norm. We celebrate comfortability above everything else which is why all of XIVI’s designs focus on basics made better.

6. What has been your greatest success so far?

We have accomplished so much in the first two years of business, for example all of our publications, styling celebrities, expanding into boutiques, and opening our store front. The greatest success of running my own business is seeing how excited customers get when they find this new brand, try on the products and genuinely love the products. So many times the customers start asking questions about the brand, like where we are located and about the designer. It is always so fun to see their reaction when they find out they are talking to the owner and designer of the entire brand while also managing the retail store. As a small business owner, it’s so fun to get the opportunity to actually talk to customers on the front line.

More recently, I had the opportunity to work with Allen Leech from Downton Abbey, a show I am a big fan of. Being able to work with someone I was able to see on the big screen has definitely been a highlight of XIVI’s success.

with actor Allen Leech

7. What’s your current bestseller? What do you think is so unique about that product that makes it different from your others?

My personal favorites include our Lounge Pants, Lounge Jacket and Soft Trucker. However, our Printed Button Up is by far our best seller. It was not a shock that people reacted so well. What makes this shirt so unique is XIVI’s original print. This print incorporates our logo in a way that you don’t realize it says ‘XIVI’ and when a customer would realize it they were always happily amazed that they hadn’t noticed. There is something truly nice about the subtle branding within the print. Keep an eye out for more prints coming soon!

8. What are you looking forward to in your next collection?

I am always so excited for our next season to get released. It can take 6 months to a year of designing, sourcing, developing, producing and planning all things around a new collection.

While we are still in the process of releasing our Summer Collection to the public, I am always most excited for the collection I am currently designing. We have some really amazing styles dropping Fall ‘22. While I cant give too much away, I can say we are taking some of our customer favorites and making them even better! Intentionality is always our focus when designing; whether it’s incorporating new colors, prints, or fabrics, we want to make sure that every decision feels true to our brand’s mission.

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